A place to start new life with peace

A place to start new life with peace

The true definition of peace is found in the daily lives of kids at Kithoka Amani Children’s Home where people of diverse cultures and characters live together harmoniously with an abundance of love. Despite the disparities that exist among this happy family, the kids have embraced each other as brothers and sisters by accepting their differences and adopting the habits and skills of recognizing and listening to the needs, ideas, and opinions of one another. They value this space as home and have developed a humane culture of respecting and appreciating people and the things around them to enhance unity and peaceful living.

This place inspires actions of peace in everybody who interacts with it. It helps people understand that the presence of peace anywhere does not necessarily imply the absence of war but suggests that peace is having access to resources for basic human needs. lacking these resources is what triggers the mind towards aggression and violence and therefore defending peace needs to start in the mind.

Every society anywhere suffers in one way or another and therefore needs regular checks and mobilization to create tolerance, promote peace, understanding, and unity. Tiriji foundation immersed itself into a program called Regeneration where it pools communities together for collective healing and to cultivate a place of abundance and a world of abundant peace.

In the model of Regeneration, the beauty of peace everywhere is in the fact that it starts with accepting ourselves, who we are, and knowing what our real purpose is to humanity. This mode helps people to grow and understand that they have an abundance of everything they desire in this world.

Prof. Karambu Ringera, the President and founder of International Peace Initiatives, inspires peaceful actions in people by challenging them to acknowledge their true selves and understand that in whatever things they might think, they are still human and would want to be treated with humanness. therefore the peace and love that anybody could desire are in them in abundance and the only task that remains for the whole world to have peace is for people to share it with others.

Through this Regeneration model, we get the idea that there is a chance to heal from the past experiences of dark moments and room to start over afresh and reclaim our glory for abundance.


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