Create Art Studio for KACH children

Create Art Studio for KACH children
Children at KACH are blessed with many talents and abilities which require to be monitored, nurtured and networked. This will help them change their lives and that of the people around them. The home is a good interaction center that makes it easy to learn and showcase ones talent and abilities without fear but at the same time could scare others who are introverted to shy off from improving their skills. At young age, what a child needs best is an insight of how he or she can be self reliant at any moment of the future and know how to take control of their lives. This is what art promotes in its many advantages and we feel that children at KACH deserve to interact with this opportunity which improves them both academically and in person. The best way for this to materialize is when an art studio is established and equipped so that their talents and abilities get the space to be showcased.

Why Art is Important for Children and Adults

Children grow up with fears both known and unknown which needs to be counteracted before escalating ta fatal stages.  When children interact with different art forms, they develop confidence from building the idea from primary stage and improve their creativity, skills and way of communicating which reflects their way of viewing the world. At the children’s home, the different and unique life stories of every child could trigger many thoughts and also the fact that children have a developing immune system which means they are prone to diseases at that young age, studies show that art is a good therapeutic medicine which calms the troubled mind and comforts an ill person hence it should be highly encouraged among them. The home is like a center of diversity as it hosts people from different cultures living in peace as brothers and sisters. Engaging in artworks is a good way of developing and  increasing awareness of children in their environment, cultures and different traditions around the world. It is a way that makes them understand at a young age the diversity in beliefs, realize their true identities and forms of self expression and, to a greater degree, realize that people are equal. Art inflicts a sense of responsibility in the toddlers to know that whatever  work they come across  must be done to completion and with seriousness which is one of the main expectations of a parent as a child grows up. They learn at that age the art of responsibility by taking care of their projects. As the kids interact with art projects, they learn to commit themselves and their time until they get something better that makes them feel satisfied. 

How the Art Studio will Create Benefit

The studio shall provide a learning space and give the kids a platform to confidently express themselves while at the same time learning new or existing skills that make them holistic. This will create advantage for them and help them fit in the society as independent people with meaningful skills. It shall also extend benefit to the nearby community to join at their free or designated times to acquire skills and further develop talents to ensure goodwill in the society. It will make it possible to run and maintain the premise from the little contribution that the willing parties shall bring. It will act as the archive for the kids for all their pieces of work and a showroom where they display all their projects, completed and unfinished works for visitors and locals to see and give comments. This is important because it will inform the children of their progress and efforts such that they know or evaluate the space of their works in the world.