4th Graduation of IPI AMANI Youth Polytechnic 2022

2019-2021 graduates taking group photo shortly after receiving certificate awards.

After three years of restricted public gatherings due to the Corona Pandemic, IPI AMANI Youth Polytechnic finally found the chance to conduct a graduation ceremony for its students from 2019 to 2021.  Prof. Karambu Ringera, the founder and President of the institution officiated the function and congratulated the graduates for endurance, dedication, and hard work to achieve what they were awarded on the 22nd day of July 2022. Prof. Anne Koome Gatobu, a guest speaker, instilled confidence in the young scholars by telling them to confidently own the skills they learned and the courses in which they were awarded certificates saying that this is the first and most important step in self-awareness for an individual to know who they really are. She inspirationally motivated the graduates to say, “I DID IT” to inspire self confidence and satisfaction.

Beauty and Hairdressing student receives her certificate from Prof. Karambu as her family witness. (Photo courtesy of Kelly Njenga)



It was a remarkable moment in the lives of the graduating students because after completing their academic work, they had to wait for the uncertainty of the pandemic to allow for graduation and receive their certificates to fully complete the course. They were applauded for being enduring, humble, persevering, and respectful up to the very end of their course.

SStS Visits IPI-Kenya's Tiriji Eco Peace Center

Students Shoulder to Shoulder (SStS) made their first visit to IPI-Kenya’s Tiriji Eco Peace Center since Covid 19 Pandemic led to a ban on international travels to the country. The group was excited to arrive safely on the 23rd of June 2022 for their ten days stay. 

During this time, the SStS team plans to learn and experience leadership skills in this area and also engage in communal activities for social exchanges. 

KACH recognizes Inclusion, Mental Health, Equality and Environmental Conservation during 2022 International Children's Day

As the world recognized and celebrated children in many different ways during this year’s International Children’s Day on 20th November 2022, we at KACH decided to promote environmental conservation, mental health and inclusion. We believe that for a healthier future, we have to engage the younger generation in the things that we do and make them feel included as equal members of the society with rights and potential in making a difference to humanity. 

Environmental action is a responsibility for everyone on the face of the earth and children ought to know the best practices in taking care of the environment for a safer and healthier future.

We started by  planting food/fruit trees with the hope of turning the farm into a food forest. Later we collected plastics from the farm, and used the afternoon to do artworks that promote mental health, to explore our creativity, communication skills and sync our body with mind and spirit to help us relax and get rid of any negative thoughts. 

Art Therapy for mental health

Art is key to mental health as it helps in making one think creatively and by so doing find solutions or new ideas about something that could improve the quality of life .

Scouts and Amani Children Team up to Plant Trees During Exchange Visit

Scouts and girl guides from Lions Nursery and Primary School of Meru were welcomed at KACH for a peer exchange and took the opportunity to plant trees at Tiriji Eco Peace Center. The scouts and their hosts demonstrated a higher degree of care and love for the environment by recognizing the importance of trees and clean environment.

The students interacted for a better part of the day which was a time for open sharing of ideas, knowledge,  different experiences and various practices that they have acquired at their levels of life. It was a beneficial social platform for Amani Children to meet new friends and learn from each other.

During the session, Prof. Karambu Ringera, the president of International Peace Initiatives inspired the kids to face their fears, learn to turn self doubts and external discouragements into strengths for accomplishing greater things in life.

“This is the story of an eagle that was raised among chickens after a foreign egg was hatched by a hen. The young eagle realized that it had a burning desire to fly and never felt like living to scratch the ground like other chickens. After many discouragements and mockery from the family of chickens it lived with, it never lost hope of flying. The more it continued and convinced itself that its dream was worthwhile, it gained the might of flight and up high it soared. the relevance of this story is for each one of you to stop fearing to do what you want to do. Be like the eagle and don’t fear to fly. Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged by others because it is only you who knows what you want. If you allow yourself to be discouraged by others, you will always live to scratch the ground and remain down like the chickens,” she said.

Prof.Karambu also echoed the value of organic farming and importance of planting a food forest.

“Here at Tiriji Eco Peace Center, we encourage people to grow their foods in the farms without adding any chemical because they are dangerous and expose us to strange diseases. when we plant various plants in the farms, nature takes its course and repel any diseases that could harm the plants. this is a nature friendly way of agriculture called organic farming and we teach it here for people to learn and embrace at their farms,” she explained during the talks at peer exchange.

Mr. Charles Mutwiri of Lions primary applauded the efforts of the kids in playing responsible towards environmental conservation by highlighting the importance of a tree in the life of a human being and how that tree planted this day will benefit the kids in future.

“Am grateful that you showed your love and support for mother earth. By planting a tree, you are improving your own life in a way and will live to enjoy the benefits of that effort which seems little for you today. May we continue taking care of our environment wherever we go.” He said.

Mother Wins DIAR Award for Loving and Caring

Prof. Karambu Ringera shows her DIAR Certificate shortly after receiving it.

Mother and caregiver to almost one hundred children emerged winner under the individuals’ category at National Diversity and Inclusion Awards and Recognition (DIAR) 2022, award by DAIMA Trust. Prof. Karambu Ringera got the chance to be celebrated on a national platform that has succeeded in building a united front towards unity in diversity and in contributing to the realization of sustainable development. She was recognized for the award for being at the forefront in actively promoting peace, equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace and community at large. 

Winners were unveiled during DIAR 4th Edition Gala and Awards Ceremony in Nairobi on 18th March 2022. “When I got a notification about my nomination, I was amazed and didn’t know how it happened but I became positive and followed the directions I was given. I made my submissions and shared links of what I do and immediately started seeking support from people all over. In my category, we were seven and out of 2200 votes cast, I managed to gather more than 1200 votes. I was so happy and proud of my supporters,” Mom Karambu said.

“My understanding of diversity and inclusion is ensuring that every voice is invited, with the attention that we are different but equal and human. Our diversity is our strength because cultivating diversity is wealth. Considering inclusion in regard to differently-abled people, we cultivate a different language to include them in organizations and our individual interactions.” She explained.

Mother, Prof Karambu as a champion of positive change, took the opportunity thereafter to inspire her kids and engaged them in a sustained conversation and knowledge sharing on how to increase positive influence in gender equality, inclusion of differently-abled people, and the marginalized groups on how to leverage diversity and inclusion in our daily lives. 

While elaborating on means of enhancing integrity, she said,

“Diversity is not just from outside but also in the differences within us. Am not just a scholar, but also a mother, an aunt, a sister, a guardian, and so on. So, how I bring diversity within me to make peace in the world is what matters and it is by embracing inclusion, integrity, and diversity. My work rotates around peace and everything we do is peace building. We believe that peace is not only in the outward but also within. We need to cultivate peace within. To be a person of integrity, you must do it yourself.”

The mother’s achievement was impactful in the lives of the children and others with different ambitions and aspirations as it encouraged and also challenged them to embrace peace, understanding, and unity in their everyday lives, both in the workplace and in interactions outside of the workplace to ensure that everybody is recognized and included where appropriate.