Tiriji Eco Center

Tiriji Eco Center

Regeneration through nature
Tiriji offers a holistic peaceful retreat, training, and conference center for people interested in a cultural and eco-adventure of a lifetime through peace and empowered-ness programs.


Our vision is to remind ourselves how we traditionally used to work with the land using locally available resources for pest control, for fertilizer, and more. We intercrop plants and use seeds that support each other so we can create a forest of abundance.

Replanting for Future Generations

revitalizing the abundance of our land

This eco-project is geared towards reviving our communities traditional ways of food production.

We enhance sustainable agriculture through the care of our land, conservation of our environment, and the empowerment of the local people to rebuild broken relationships. This sustainable food system helps create resilient communities.

Organic farming, solar energy and drip irrigation are among the environmental preserving techniques used and taught to others.

The lush food forest here feeds the kids living at The Kithoka Amani Community Home.

Get Involved

Get Involved

Wellness and Yoga Center

Re-connect with your inner self through mindfulness and meditation practices. Tiriji nudges you to awaken to Life in all its expansiveness – without fear: to dare trust, dare dream, dare do, and dare BE! 


Tiriji is also an educational space, where both local women and international guests attend workshops to learn about ILUD and how they can incorporate it to make their lives more sustainable.

Food Sovereignty

Food sovereignty is about creating food forests in abundance; it is about using natural processes to grow and store our food; and awakening to ways our rights to these ways of being are being eroded in multiple ways.

Book Your Stay

Book Your Stay

Our guests learn about our work through various activities that are carried out on our farm including Practical Permaculture Design, Bamboo heArt Work, fish farming, poultry, herbs processing, and our eco-constructions. <br><br>Our guests also get a chance of interacting with the children at the Kithoka Amani Children’s Home, attend yoga sessions, and at specific times of the year experience our transformational programs such as The New Generation Leaders Program, Gender Equity, and Reconciliation International (GERI) workshops, and more..

For more information about our programs please contact Naomi

+254 729 345 002


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