We can make a difference in families lives

We can make a difference in families lives

Raising self-awareness to uplift goodwill

Dr. Karambu Ringera made an analysis of a holistic approach to leadership whereby she shares her story of reclaiming wastelands and working together with vulnerable children and women to improve conditions of life. She says that everybody has problems but the best way to overcome them is not by waiting for help from outside but by being the doer. According to her, in such a situation one should have a participatory approach, know the solutions they want for the problems facing them and involve people in order to work as a team because through that, there are many approaches. 

Dr. Karambu has noted that people have normalized complaining because they allow themselves to be controlled by the systems in the society and form a mindset that what the society believes to be the truth is the truth and they end up with the fear of challenging it. Her simple approach requires one to know Who They Are and inform the BEingness within themselves, not convincing themselves that what people call them or say they are is their true definitions of themselves. 

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. Many times people think by changing their environment then they shall be able to create meaningful change in their lives and realize their purpose. But I say, you don’t need to change your environment to create a change. You change your environment by taking action in that environment where you belong.” She relates the story with the race between a deer and a lion where the deer has to run faster than the lion in order to save her life. The deer takes action by outsmarting the lion in that environment that they share. “This is called purpose. We should all know our purpose in life and take action.”

Try to make a tail or head out of the words and you realize that the truthful action that would lead to change is through self endeavors. 

“Empowerment is what someone does for you but empoweredness is what we choose to do with what is done for us. It is about stepping into my power without fearing anything so that I don’t rely on others.”

When she talks about being of service to others in whatever form that our efforts could be meaningful, she says that our purpose in this life is God given and should be to the betterment of humanity. The best way to serve humanity requires one to understand who they really are and learn to love themselves so that they are capable of extending that love to others.

“Loving my life shades light on me so that I can shine light on the lives of others with that same love. I am Love and Light and I dance with life. That is how I overcome the obstacles that face me daily. Take for example a river flowing. It meets so many obstacles, it pushes the ones it can and takes them as far as as possible and at the same time, it maneuvers its way around those it can not remove on its way so that it finds a way to continue flowing. The river does not stop flowing because it has met obstacles greater than it on its way. Let us learn from that and recognize that the challenges of life are the very opportunities that we need to venture into for positive growth. Challenges come to strengthen us, not to knock us down. Know who you are and your purpose. Recognize that wherever you go, be there and embrace the moment,” she said.

The words of wisdom from Dr. Karambu was based on a holistic approach to regeneration. It is for everybody in any stage of life and any profession to know how to listen to the still voices within them and recognize their potential in every moment. For a free mindset that regenerates, the individual should be able to redefine terms based on the current situations in a way that promotes goodwill and positivity. It is also important to de-stereotype myths and master the truth while loving all, nurturing an authentic heart-set and fearing nothing. This is a regenerative model that enables one to be of service above self and know how to co-create.